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Do you see yourself working at your company 1 year from now?

Do you believe your manager takes your feedback seriously?

How comfortable are you giving your manager feedback?

Has your manager given you positive feedback in the past week?

How likely is it that you would recommend your company to a friend?

How proud are you of your company's brand

Does your company make good use of your skills?

When something comes up at work, do you know who to go to ask for help?

Does your team help you complete your work?

Do your coworkers make you feel included?

How meaningful do you feel your work is?

Does your manager make you feel included?

How well do your personal values align with your company's values?

Are you encouraged to provide feedback to your manager?

Has your work taken a toll on your personal life?

Do you have the flexibility to take time off when you need?

Do you believe in the overall vision of your company?

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